Disruptive events are a reality of doing business. The magnitude, severity and impact of these events
is often unpredictable and unavoidable. Having a fully operational crisis plan for response and recovery, as well as confidence to navigate when disruptions become full-blown storms is entirely within a company’s control. 

Ready Inc. helps organizations of all types and sizes go beyond a crisis plan to achieve peace of mind and gain the power to respond swiftly, strategically and effectively. 


Ready Inc.’s offerings are customized and scalable to a company’s specific needs. We can seamlessly integrate our best practices and tools into existing crisis management protocols to create a new, improved path forward, or build an entirely new crisis preparedness program. Our crisis preparedness services include:

  • Ability to Response (ATR)™ assessments to identify vulnerabilities, threats and preparedness requirements (including regulatory compliance)

  • RapidReady™ plan-builder workshops for senior leadership teams to quickly develop and initiate an organizational preparedness strategy

  • Tabletop response exercises and larger-scale crisis simulations for employees at all levels

  • SeeSI™ incident debriefing sessions to help responders recognize strengths and improvements associated with their crisis management program

  • Real-time incident response coaching



We believe crisis response training is more compelling when it’s memorable. Our team members are dynamic presenters who are can modify their approach to fit any situation. In addition, we bring creativity and realism into every session using interactive exercises, visual aids, video and audio to accurately depict crisis situations.

Ready Inc. offers focused training in specific aspects of issues management and crisis response:

  • Productive Conversations™ interpersonal communications training that supports reputation management

  • Visitor management training and coaching for front desk staff and others

  • Threat awareness and reporting

  • Crisis spokesperson/media interviews

  • Managing the First 24 — emergency response management for site teams

  • Situation-specific curricula: 

    • Site evacuations

    • Bomb threats/suspicious packages

    • Hostile visitors

    • Active shooter incidents

    • Activist protests

    • Product recalls

    • Employee work-related deaths

    • CPR/first aid (coming soon in 2019) 



  • Facilitate effective meetings on any topic

  • Develop corporate strategic plans and engage your employees in the process

  • Deliver speeches and bylines for executives

  • Create compelling messages and story-telling platforms for internal and external audiences

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